Meet Endeavor Global's Most Impressive Entrepreneurs of 2023

Today, we’re revealing our 2023 Endeavor Outliers class. All of the 2,400 Endeavor Entrepreneurs in our community are doing extraordinary things, but these founders stand out from the crowd of high achievers.

Outliers embody a pair of our core organizational values: going big and paying it forward. Our 2023 class is composed of the Endeavor Entrepreneurs leading the fastest growing scale-ups, as well as those that have led their companies to meaningful exits and are now seeking to multiply their own impact as role models to the next generation of founders.

The Endeavor Outliers Program is a year-long experience that brings together this cohort of our highest impact founders for curated programming and opportunities to connect virtually, and in-person at the Annual Endeavor Outliers Retreat. The experience is designed to help founders scale their companies faster, grow as leaders, and multiply their impact by connecting them to peers who have “been there” to work through challenges in a supportive environment. We also host curated sessions with the best company builders and mentors in Endeavor’s network.

This year, 241 companies qualified for our Outliers program, 73 of which are valued at $1B+. They’re the top companies from their markets, and nearly a third of them qualified for the first time in 2023.

By the Numbers

On average, our Outlier companies are growing at a 3-year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of more than 150%. The median company in this year’s group was founded in 2016, has raised north of $100 million in equity funding, and created around 400 jobs.

This cohort reflects the global reach of our network, spanning nearly 40 geographic markets. It includes 35 companies from Brazil, 20 from Indonesia, 18 from Spain, and 16 from Mexico as our top markets.

The fastest growing region by representation is Southeast Asia, which has increased ~35% since 2020. Our newest markets in Poland and Pakistan have Outliers for the first time, including Spacelift, a cloud infrastructure automation platform based in Poland, and Bazaar, Pakistan’s leading ecommerce app for merchants.

This class is also diverse in terms of industry representation, from Indonesian aquaculture startup Efishery to Brazilian HR automation platform Gupy. Fintech is the number one represented segment, surpassing retail & consumer tech for the first time.

Outliers Embody the Multiplier Effect

Endeavor Outliers are our best examples of the Multiplier Effect—the transformational impact entrepreneurs have on the economy when they mentor, inspire, and invest in the next generation of founders. They are paying it forward at the highest levels.

Outliers have spent nearly 2,000 hours providing assistance and advice to other Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and a small group of them have gone above and beyond, helping us choose hundreds of new Endeavor Entrepreneurs at our international selection panels.

The thousands of employees hired at Outlier companies are also getting first-hand experience in a startup environment. Our research shows the knowledge they gain will inspire some of them to become entrepreneurs themselves in the years ahead.

Meet the full class of 2023 Outliers.