Ministry of Food Selected at Endeavor’s 68th International Selection Panel in Palo Alto

Endeavor selected 37 high-impact entrepreneurs representing 20 companies and 13 countries at its 68th International Selection Panel (ISP) held December 7-9 in Palo Alto, California. In total, Endeavor now supports 1,403 entrepreneurs leading 875 companies in 25 growth markets around the world. The event was Endeavor’s final ISP of 2016.

Ministry of Food is a Lebanon-based restaurant management company offering fast-casual experiences with gourmet tastes from locally sourced foods. Classic Burger Joint (CBJ) operates in the better burger category, offering a variety of burgers to satisfy customers. Whether it’s the Kuwaiti burger served with Lamb, the Halloumi burger in Cyprus or its selection of burgers with multi-cereal buns for health-conscious consumers, CBJ specializes in creating localized and diversified menus. Tomatomatic offers Lebanese consumers a take-out and delivery concept, specializing in American pizza made from locally-sourced ingredients.