Scale Up by Endeavor 2023 – Meet the Founders

At Endeavor Lebanon, we understand the unique range of challenges that entrepreneurs face all around the world. We also have proven, through our on-ground work and various programs, that with the right support, network, mentoring and technical skills building – any company can rise to the challenge, dream bigger and scale faster.

This is why we launched the Scale Up by Endeavor program, our 15 week acceleration program tailored for Lebanese entrepreneurs around the globe.

During the first cohort of this program, 7 founders exhibiting high potential were selected to benefit from coaching, mentorship, workshops to overcome challenges, and networking opportunities.

These were the selected companies:

1- BigLittleRobots:

BigLittleRobots (BLR) is a data services and products company that has BIG ideas about how companies should access, analyze, and view data. The company builds innovative data products for Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies to help them unearth insights and make decisions that impact their employees, customers, and communities.

2- Goodvest:

Goodvest was founded in 2020 with the aim of offering investors environmentally friendly and sustainable investments.  The online platform offers a variety of fully transparent investment options accompanied by unique environmental data.

3- Matbakhi:

Matbakhi is an innovative food tech startup founded in December 2022 with a unique hotel-based cloud kitchen model that helps hotels transform their underutilized kitchens into profit-generating spaces, while invigorating their culinary offering with soulful brands, incubated with young and up-and-coming local chefs.

4- Presentail:

Presentail is an online e-commerce platform that was founded in 2019 in order to enable members of the Lebanese diaspora to send gifts to their loved ones in Lebanon. The company currently targets the 1st generation of expats who have close family and friends living in Lebanon. With low adoption of digital solutions, Presentail fills a crucial gap by providing an online platform facilitating the process for Lebanese expats of sending gifts to their loved ones residing in Lebanon.

5- Siira:

Siira is an online mental wellbeing platform that teaches individuals how to build healthy relationships with themselves and with others through educational content and community support. Siira’s aim is to become the most trusted mental health educational platform and the largest online community connecting people with similar life challenges.

6- Wakilni:

Wakilni is dedicated to being the trusted logistics partner that empowers SMES to reach their full potential in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Wakilni covers the logistical details and gives companies the space to focus on their brand and grow their business. This includes receiving and storing products, processing orders, picking up items, packing boxes, and transporting the items to the end customer’s chosen location including international delivery.